Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goodmorning smiles!

Hey guy, I thought I would start your morning off with some smiles :)

"I don't want to prick my finger!"
My mum and me were going over old times before I was diagnosed...
 I really didn't like the idea of pricking my finger with a needle, so what I did was I picked a scab that I had to make it bleed to test my self! We were both rolling over with laughter thinking back to that time, and look at me now. I must have already done well over 300 tests!

"I am Titaniumm!"
Whilst having my first ever blood test, I wore my humongous earphones playing David Guetta~Titanium as loud as it possibly could get. My first ever blood test was one to be remembered, as it wasn't the best of experiences!

Have you guys had any funny moments linked to diabetes? I would love to know :o)

Loads of love,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

First sleepover since dx...all good!

Yesterday I came back from my first sleepover since being diagnosed! Nothing to worry about what so ever, (try telling my mum that !) anyways it was really good... I treated myself here and there, had 3 hypos but nothing that I couldn't handle. My bag weighed a ton though! Full of hypo kits, testers, food.. but they came in handy! 
I can now say, that I have almost everything under step in the right direction!!

Loads of love,

P.S: I went onto the radio on Thursday, here is the link if you wanted to listen to it! :