Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday People!!

Well here is the re-tweet that Kim Kardashian and her friend Molly Montgomery did for the blog!!

This is the article, that a Lady called Amy Tenderich did about my mum, me and my blog ! If you want to visit the website and read the article, here it is:

....and this is the lady that wrote about us ! :D

Loads of love and support,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bit of blip !

Good morning :D

Yesterday I went to youth club at my school, and I went down to 90.. which is 5. So, I didn't feel well so I did the usual, have a jelly baby, some orange juice and wait to test myself in 10minutes... the only problem was that I had run out of test strips, I was in trouble. I have never let my self run out of strips, but I did yesterday. Went up to an astonishing 19 ! I felt like I had let my self down, and it made me feel even worse when I remembered these were my levels when I was poorly. Mum said it wasn't my fault, that it was only a blip. But when I woke up this morning, instead of being around 123 or 130, I was 171, which is only 9.8 but it was the highest I have ever been in the morning since getting better.
I know why I went up was too much but I just couldn't stop crying and beating myself up about it. I am very strict with my diet and with what my levels should be, mum is too but I am a bit OTT, but I'm bound to be, I have only been a T1 Diabetic for about 8 weeks, trust me, it feels like 8 years!!
Yesterday was one of those days where I really didn't want to be a diabetic, and knowing that I couldn't do anything to get rid of my diabetes was, even worse. I sometimes ask my self, what have I done to deserve this? What has anyone that is suffering with T1 or T2 done to deserve it? Whoever knows some type of cure needs to speak up and tell the world quick. I don't want to be diabetic, but it doesn't mean I can do anything about it though. I just hope and pray for EVERYONE out there that has either T1 or T2 or gestational diabetes, there is hope guys, and we are examples of hope and faith, because we get by day by day knowing that we have it, and that we are going to conquer it, in our own special ways!

Loads of love,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First bit of recognition for Jasmin's Blog .

Very chuffed for Jaz today ... her blog got recognised on a website  The author found me on Twitter and read her blog and asked to feature it on her site ... WELL DONE JJ !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some things I didn't know..

 Good morning :D
I was just looking through some of my diabetes magazines, and found some very interesting facts...

Amelia Lily, from the X-factor, has got Type 1 diabetes, and look how far she got into the competition.

Halle Berry, a successful actress has Type 1 diabetes, she has been in huge amounts of movies, and has done really well for her self.

Nick Jonas, has made his own TV programme on Disney Channel with his brothers. Has been in 2 movies and has made a great singing career with his brothers and on his own.

All of these people are inspirational. They all have what we have, and they all have become a huge success. Who cares about Diabetes, these people proof  that it doesn't limit you from anything that a normal person would do. Just remember you are unique in your own special way, and please, please, please don't let it get you down. I know, we all have them days where we just want to sit and cry it all out, or we just want to give someone a hug or anything to stop the pain from hurting as much. But, this is it. We all just have to get on with our lives like normal people. Because I know, that one day will come when a very clever person like the guy who invented insulin, will come along and cure this nasty condition, because it is only a condition, don't think of it as a disease, or your suffering with it. Because we aren't we are getting through it day by day, and NO-ONE is going to slow us down, not even Lisa.

Lots of love,

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hmmmmmm.... Hypo!

Good afternoon :) Got sent home after my second lesson at school because I went into a hypo, 4.4 not particularly low but made me go into shock... Went all shaky and my friend Moriah got hold of my hand and said " Jaz your freezing!!" and I was, I was as cold as ice! After recovering (sort of) from the hypo, I called mum and asked her what I should do, so she's said that I should come home. Feel exhausted, and really drained now. It knocks all of the energy out of me, I don't like it. I know it's probably not just me that feels like poo every time I have a hypo but still, it sucks. My class are amazing though, as soon as I tested my self and I said I was low they all were like GET THE TEACHER! So the teacher did the whole, what are your levels, how do you feel, have you eaten anything, when did you not feel right. So, I had my emergency hypo kit with my orange juice, jelly bean, jelly babies, skittles, biscuits. So of course I headed straight for my juice first then for the jelly beans :o) ! Every one was like " how come Jasmin gets sweets during class and we don't?" they all were like I WANT DIABETES TOO, and I thought trust me, your really don't want it!!! I'm glad that my class fully understand the dangers of having diabetes other wise, that's a huge health risk for me. B they all wished me better as I went home, and now I'm just chillaxing!! Have you guys ever had a hypo and school? Whats happened, and how have your mates reacted to it??? Lots of love, Jaz

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday :)

Hello, Had a good day at school today, levels have been good considering my gift I got this month (girls will understand) , surprised that my levels are good. Had a bit of a Lowish one before dinner so had some apple juice, which made me quite hyper!!!!! Me + apples = a not good combination x Jasmin = hyper Jasmin. That's as good as my maths will get!!! Allin all a really good day. Forgot to mention that I went to th Endo on Monday..... Have to have another blood test on the 28th of June but I guess I'll just have to get used to them :/ Loads of love, Jaz

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watch out for my book!!

Hello guys!
Haven't posted for a little while.. quite excited... me and mum are gonna publish a book :) about my life growing up as a teen T1 diabetic.. it will be in a couple of series so :) I AM EXCITED !
Lisa started to work today.. had a low one at 4.5 and I was shaking like a leaf!! Had a jelly baby and a smoothie, and I was ok after that.. came up nicely to around about 8 :3
School is all good now, settled in perfectly and I'm comfortable with injecting my self at school as well! Very tired now so I am offf...!!!

Loads of love,