Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to England!

Hello my amazing followers!
I have to admit I have not wrote on here for a VERY ling time. The reason is because I have relocated back to the UK because of my diabetes. The health care over here is absolutely AMAZING! I have 3 diabetic specialists, a therapist, a GP! A hospital that is only a car drive away, people I can talk to, camps I can visit! The help over here is just outstanding, and without all of those nurses and doctors that train long and hard to be the best that they can to help, I applaud them!

  • I have met up with people already that have the same as me!
  • I am doing Paintballing on the 12th of August this year for Chilbetes which is a charity for T1's
  • I am having home visits from nurses every other week
  • Mum is going on the Daphne carb counting course
  • I am having my HbA1c test on the 29th of August
  • I am having my annual bloods on (roughly) 29th/30th of March 2013
  • I have a team at my new school that deals with my diabetes,injections and all that stuff!
So I am absolutely LOVING the Uk, (except the weather!) but I couldn't ask for any better help !!

Loads of Love,
T1 Jaz <3

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goodmorning smiles!

Hey guy, I thought I would start your morning off with some smiles :)

"I don't want to prick my finger!"
My mum and me were going over old times before I was diagnosed...
 I really didn't like the idea of pricking my finger with a needle, so what I did was I picked a scab that I had to make it bleed to test my self! We were both rolling over with laughter thinking back to that time, and look at me now. I must have already done well over 300 tests!

"I am Titaniumm!"
Whilst having my first ever blood test, I wore my humongous earphones playing David Guetta~Titanium as loud as it possibly could get. My first ever blood test was one to be remembered, as it wasn't the best of experiences!

Have you guys had any funny moments linked to diabetes? I would love to know :o)

Loads of love,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

First sleepover since dx...all good!

Yesterday I came back from my first sleepover since being diagnosed! Nothing to worry about what so ever, (try telling my mum that !) anyways it was really good... I treated myself here and there, had 3 hypos but nothing that I couldn't handle. My bag weighed a ton though! Full of hypo kits, testers, food.. but they came in handy! 
I can now say, that I have almost everything under step in the right direction!!

Loads of love,

P.S: I went onto the radio on Thursday, here is the link if you wanted to listen to it! :

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, Exams are officially over!! :o)

Well, it has been an eventful week with exams this week.. let me explain.
I didn't have any hypos during exam week.. only highs!! During the exams I went as high as 14.5 !! I couldn't believe it... but once I had came out of the exams, I was dropping, and fast! When I came out of my final exam on Friday I was 6.5 and I felt as if I was 3.5.. as I had dropped so suddenly from 13. At least I now know that in exams I don't go low, I go high, very high! To be honest I thought I was going to be having hypos throughout the week, but I was obviously wrong. What are your experiences with Exams and you levels? Everyone I have spoke to, have said that they have had hypos, but never highs... is it just me that goes high during Exams???

Would love to hear back from you,

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hi Guys,

Again sorry for not posting! Been busy with exams:
  • My levels have been extremely high due to have exams (stress.etc!)
  •  Then my levels have been dropping like a sack of spuds!
  • 8 exams in total to do.. 3 left tomorrow!
How are you levels when you do exams? Are they high.. or low? Both..? x


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hi guys !

Well I haven't posted in a while, but here is what has been going on.... :

  • My levels have been UP and DOWN and UP and... do you get me ?
  • I  have so study for my exams which are in 2 weeks!!!
  • I moving countries, houses, school, leaving my friends...
  • I am stressing out !
  • I am tired, having to be woken up at 1.30am and 4am is not making me feel energized!
  • I'm not happy
  • I'm tired
  • Diabetes is poo
  • I'm tired
  • I don't like having this condition
  • I'm EXTREMELY tired
  •  I have some great people to talk to on the internet but no-one that I can physically talk to that understands me completely
  • I am SO FLIPPING tired O.o

So.. thats my morning vent..! Now to get on with life and forget about the 'side order' that I have to carry around with me for the rest of my life....!!!

Lots of love,

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday People!!

Well here is the re-tweet that Kim Kardashian and her friend Molly Montgomery did for the blog!!

This is the article, that a Lady called Amy Tenderich did about my mum, me and my blog ! If you want to visit the website and read the article, here it is:

....and this is the lady that wrote about us ! :D

Loads of love and support,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bit of blip !

Good morning :D

Yesterday I went to youth club at my school, and I went down to 90.. which is 5. So, I didn't feel well so I did the usual, have a jelly baby, some orange juice and wait to test myself in 10minutes... the only problem was that I had run out of test strips, I was in trouble. I have never let my self run out of strips, but I did yesterday. Went up to an astonishing 19 ! I felt like I had let my self down, and it made me feel even worse when I remembered these were my levels when I was poorly. Mum said it wasn't my fault, that it was only a blip. But when I woke up this morning, instead of being around 123 or 130, I was 171, which is only 9.8 but it was the highest I have ever been in the morning since getting better.
I know why I went up was too much but I just couldn't stop crying and beating myself up about it. I am very strict with my diet and with what my levels should be, mum is too but I am a bit OTT, but I'm bound to be, I have only been a T1 Diabetic for about 8 weeks, trust me, it feels like 8 years!!
Yesterday was one of those days where I really didn't want to be a diabetic, and knowing that I couldn't do anything to get rid of my diabetes was, even worse. I sometimes ask my self, what have I done to deserve this? What has anyone that is suffering with T1 or T2 done to deserve it? Whoever knows some type of cure needs to speak up and tell the world quick. I don't want to be diabetic, but it doesn't mean I can do anything about it though. I just hope and pray for EVERYONE out there that has either T1 or T2 or gestational diabetes, there is hope guys, and we are examples of hope and faith, because we get by day by day knowing that we have it, and that we are going to conquer it, in our own special ways!

Loads of love,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First bit of recognition for Jasmin's Blog .

Very chuffed for Jaz today ... her blog got recognised on a website  The author found me on Twitter and read her blog and asked to feature it on her site ... WELL DONE JJ !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some things I didn't know..

 Good morning :D
I was just looking through some of my diabetes magazines, and found some very interesting facts...

Amelia Lily, from the X-factor, has got Type 1 diabetes, and look how far she got into the competition.

Halle Berry, a successful actress has Type 1 diabetes, she has been in huge amounts of movies, and has done really well for her self.

Nick Jonas, has made his own TV programme on Disney Channel with his brothers. Has been in 2 movies and has made a great singing career with his brothers and on his own.

All of these people are inspirational. They all have what we have, and they all have become a huge success. Who cares about Diabetes, these people proof  that it doesn't limit you from anything that a normal person would do. Just remember you are unique in your own special way, and please, please, please don't let it get you down. I know, we all have them days where we just want to sit and cry it all out, or we just want to give someone a hug or anything to stop the pain from hurting as much. But, this is it. We all just have to get on with our lives like normal people. Because I know, that one day will come when a very clever person like the guy who invented insulin, will come along and cure this nasty condition, because it is only a condition, don't think of it as a disease, or your suffering with it. Because we aren't we are getting through it day by day, and NO-ONE is going to slow us down, not even Lisa.

Lots of love,

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hmmmmmm.... Hypo!

Good afternoon :) Got sent home after my second lesson at school because I went into a hypo, 4.4 not particularly low but made me go into shock... Went all shaky and my friend Moriah got hold of my hand and said " Jaz your freezing!!" and I was, I was as cold as ice! After recovering (sort of) from the hypo, I called mum and asked her what I should do, so she's said that I should come home. Feel exhausted, and really drained now. It knocks all of the energy out of me, I don't like it. I know it's probably not just me that feels like poo every time I have a hypo but still, it sucks. My class are amazing though, as soon as I tested my self and I said I was low they all were like GET THE TEACHER! So the teacher did the whole, what are your levels, how do you feel, have you eaten anything, when did you not feel right. So, I had my emergency hypo kit with my orange juice, jelly bean, jelly babies, skittles, biscuits. So of course I headed straight for my juice first then for the jelly beans :o) ! Every one was like " how come Jasmin gets sweets during class and we don't?" they all were like I WANT DIABETES TOO, and I thought trust me, your really don't want it!!! I'm glad that my class fully understand the dangers of having diabetes other wise, that's a huge health risk for me. B they all wished me better as I went home, and now I'm just chillaxing!! Have you guys ever had a hypo and school? Whats happened, and how have your mates reacted to it??? Lots of love, Jaz

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday :)

Hello, Had a good day at school today, levels have been good considering my gift I got this month (girls will understand) , surprised that my levels are good. Had a bit of a Lowish one before dinner so had some apple juice, which made me quite hyper!!!!! Me + apples = a not good combination x Jasmin = hyper Jasmin. That's as good as my maths will get!!! Allin all a really good day. Forgot to mention that I went to th Endo on Monday..... Have to have another blood test on the 28th of June but I guess I'll just have to get used to them :/ Loads of love, Jaz

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watch out for my book!!

Hello guys!
Haven't posted for a little while.. quite excited... me and mum are gonna publish a book :) about my life growing up as a teen T1 diabetic.. it will be in a couple of series so :) I AM EXCITED !
Lisa started to work today.. had a low one at 4.5 and I was shaking like a leaf!! Had a jelly baby and a smoothie, and I was ok after that.. came up nicely to around about 8 :3
School is all good now, settled in perfectly and I'm comfortable with injecting my self at school as well! Very tired now so I am offf...!!!

Loads of love,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Happy Sunday Morning.

Good morning,

It may be grey and miserable where I am at the moment, but It doesn't affect my way of thinking. Last night, mum and me had a long chat about EVERYTHING, thinking about how I have been feeling, and how mum has been feeling. It has been 4 weeks today that I found out that I had Type 1 Diabetes. It has felt like forever, at least 2 months. But It has only JUST been a month.

I found this picture >>>>>>>>>>
and I though "how true is that?", because that blood test in theory did save my life. If I hadn't had that done, a few years down the line I wouldn't be as healthy as I am now.

I have a pack that was sent from this company <<<<
and it is amazing. It gives you loads of tips and ideas. Brilliant sites to go onto and gives you a Diabetic Teddy called 'Rufus', which shows you the sites on your body where you can inject your self with insulin, and where to test your blood sugars. It offers great support, and I would recommend for you guys to sign up to this site.

Loads of love,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Insulin vs Pump.

Why am I always so tired.
Why am I always so distressed about my diabetes? I can never work it out. It isn't the end of the world...right? Today, mum and me were discussing about the 'Pump' and 'Insulin', and we decided that I might as well stay on Insulin, as I would still have to inject my self with Lantus before Dinner.

What are your views on Insulin vs Pump?? Do you have a pump or insulin, what are the good and bad things about them, and which one gives you more freedom? I would love to hear from you, as this is what I am going to look into as I want the info to be accurate, and what you guys think of the devices. Thank you.

Lots of love,

Friday, April 27, 2012


Guess what Jaz can do now ALL by herself?? I started injecting myself two days ago !! I am so pleased with myself, hit my goal before the end of the month. Had a good week at school, can't wait for next week. I can't wait to get back to normal again, it feels fantastic, starting to feel like my self *sort of* again. I joined a group on face book today which is a huuuggeee help. Love all of the guys and girls on there, love knowing that there are other people out there like ME, and all of our problems are shared. I am so very tired though, school is wearing me out, but I will survive :)

Loads of Love,

Friday, April 20, 2012

What a polava!

On Wednesday, we went to the medical centre to get my prescriptions for my Insulin, needles, lancets, test strips and ketones strips. Well, first of all we went to see my Paediatrician Dr. Valencia. She told us what we needed to get and that I might need to be registered at another hospital...(meaning another blood test >.< !) We THEN had to get ANOTHER appointment, just to go next door to see the nurse to give me my insulin and needles but he WOULDN'T give me my lancets, test strips of ketone strips !!!! We have to wait until Tuesday 24th April to see the Diabetic nurse to give me my test strips,lancets and ketone strips! We was supposed to have an appointment with Dr.Valencia at 12.12 but we didn't see her until 1.15 ! Erghh... I hate this country..!!!!

Lots of love,

Tuesday Evening Meltdown.

First day back at school was on Tuesday, and I was so tired when I got home, 3 hours of homework and I was just emotionally exhausted too. So I broke into tears.. an cried it all out. (By the looks of the poll you guys like to cry it out too!)

I don't understand why I am so tired? There is only one reason really, Lisa. But I wish she would either come and WORK, or go away and NEVER come back again!! She can't make her mind up.

How was your first day back at school when you found out you had a similar problem to mine.. (LISA)??

I would love to hear back from you xx

Lots of love,

Monday, April 16, 2012

I was 'supposed' to go to school.

Well last night was eventful. I chucked up everywhere >.< ... so couldn't go to school on the first day back from the holidays. Oh well, I have to do the presentation tomorrow then *sigh*, I'll be fine :P I dunno what I'm worrying about ! I just /hate/ public speeches... meh.... no likey..oh well :) Looking forward to getting back to normal again, seeing my class and friends. There is always something to look forward to in life. " Never let yesterday use up today". Nuf said =)

Lots of love,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life with Lisa.

Let me explain about Lisa:

She is with me most of the time, she likes to take breaks and likes to muck up my life occasionally. Lisa put me in hospital, because she didn't do her job properly. She likes to sit with the others, and make her self look like a part of the team, but really she is a waste of space and only does things, when she feels like it. When times get tough, Lisa packs her suitcase and goes on holiday. Now and then, when she feels guilty she decides to come back to work, and even then she does what she likes. All the other workers have to work twice as hard when she doesn't pull her weight, and puts pressure on the whole team. People similar to Lisa, seem to do a fantastic job in other companies, but in mine I just can't seem to get the staff!! I don't know what to do with Lisa, one day she will make her self redundant, until then I suppose she is still apart of the team.

I take it by now, you guys have figured out Lisa is my pancreas!!

Lots of love,
Jaz :)

First day back at school tomorrow!

Oh dear.
First day back at school tomorrow, and I have come down with a cold! I feel terrible today, snivvles, coughing, sneezing, not a good start too a new term. My levels are fine this morning, 165 mg/dl (9 mmol/L) and then at 10am I dropped down to 126 mg/dl (7 mmol/L) which was perfect. I just need to keep an eye on my levels now, to make sure they don't go up too much, if my cold gets bad.

I'm not one for speaking in public or in front of people. *Sighs* I have to do a presentation on Diabetes, and my life with Diabetes in front of my Tutor group (My class..Year 8). I'm hoping that they will respect me, and what I am going to talk about. I don't want to be a laughing stock, what I'm going to talk about is not a joke. It affects millions of people around the world, and it mostly occurs in juveniles, (Type 1). It's such a shame that there is no cure at the moment, but for the time being, I'm going to keep on raising awareness.

Lots of love,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's been 10 days..I've been counting!!!

Had an emotional breakdown this afternoon! Everything was going fine then../bang/!!! -_- I have been trying to be so strong, but today was definitely not my day. My next appointment with the doctor is on the 23rd of April with Dr.Fernandez! Not particularly looking forward to it to be honest. I hate hospitals, but I know, every time I visit them, they make me better and better, stronger and stronger, willing to kick the blooming Diabetes up the BUM ! I am emotionally exhausted, and want this to go away, even though I know it won't, I'm just hoping that one day a very smart person will come up with a cure, and end the suffering to so many people out there in the world, Male,Female,Child,Adult, anyone that needs that cure, can have it. That's all I wish for. To get better.

Lots of love,

Friday, April 13, 2012 gotta love them..NOT!

Two days in a row, I have had hypos after my evening meal,(at about 7.30pm) which has been really odd. I have been dropping to 4.0 or 4.5 and feeling ill and unwell. We have emergency sweets and smoothies in the fridge and when I'm low, I can have some(that's my favourite part!) but the part I definitely do not like it the part where I feel really unwell. Everybody's levels are different, some people start having hypos at 3.0 and some people that's have read about have hypos at 6.0!! So not everyone is the same. But everybody is the same when it comes to when you go under that 3.0 it is deadly. Hypos can bring on comas and some times even worse. It is sooo important to keep testing and checking you BGL's, don't feel embarrassed to do them because it is so so SO important! So just remember KEEP CHECKING YOUR BGL's and DON'T EVER FEEL INTIMIDATED BY OTHER PEOPLE,don't let ANYONE bully you :)

Lots of love,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

O.o Is it only Thursday?

Time seems to be going by soooooo slowly..Is it just me, or is it the Diabetes that's slowing me down? I don't know what I'm going to be like when school starts again on Monday. I'll probably be a zombie walking around school. For some odd reason, I feel like its going to be so different at school. I'm not embarrassed about testing my BGL's in class, but what will the other kids think off me? Will they think.."Eww...she must be ill..stay away from her!" or "She might need a shoulder to lean on, let go help!" I don't know how they will react to my sudden change of life. Does that sound too dramatic O.o ....?

I don't like the idea of the teachers fussing around me...that is my new peeve.. PEOPLE FUSSING! I am OK, I can control my self. I know when I am Hyper, I have some water and have a little walk, and when I am Hypo, to have sugar or a glucose tablet or a shot from the glucose pen. I understand that they are worried, but I'm am THIRTEEN, not a two year old. I can do some things by my self.

Are you independent or like me..wanting to do things by my self but at the same time to have a lot of support around me...?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off to a different doctors today!!

Going to get my self registered as a diabetic patient in my local area, instead of driving half an hour to a private hospital! I'll get all of my prescription for free ;)

The Easter holidays are almost over, and I spent most of it in hospital! Typical, it's like when I was on my 3month Summer holidays, and just as we were due back to school, I broke my leg!! I am accident prone =) ahahah!

I hope you guys have had a good break off from school as well, and didn't let your diabetes get you down when everyone was eating the DEVIL CHOCOLATE!!

Lots of love,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Off to the Endocronologist today!

Good morning! Off to the hospital again today...DON'T PANIC... it's only a routine ;) My wonderful nan made me a diabetic easter egg :) With diabetic buttons...ummmmmmmm so yummy<3 Quite excited about today actually, might be told that I can come off the restricted insulin measures and just adjust it to my diet...who knows! I feel really happy and bright today..! Today IS going to be a happy day :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

*Sigh* The joys of easter! I wish I could carb count!

Happy Easter everyone =) The Easter bunny has arrived for my sister, SO.MUCH.CHOCOLATE.... I don't know how I am going to control my self today!! My nan has made me a special Easter sugar free cake :9 and my mum, as we speak, is making me some Easter cupcakes...hummm....yummyy<3 I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and I have a few photos of thing me and my sister made yesterday ;) Enjoy....<3

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, tomorrow is Easter and my sister is very excited about the Easter bunny coming! Mum and me have been looking at some more SUGAR FREE recipes and there are some really nice ones on the Splenda website I hope you guys have a eggtastic Easter =) !

Lots of love,

Friday, April 6, 2012

Have a has no sugar in !

My mum has a cupcake business, and I feel left out when I can't lick the bowl. My mum has used me as an inspiration, and has actually put up my "Diabetic Cupcakes"on her website for people to buy. They are so yummy and they have NO sugar in them what so ever, only sweetener. So, I thought, when you feel upset that your siblings or friends can eat cakes and cupcakes, you can too! So here is the recipe for my Diabetic Cupcakes:

150g Self raising flour
150g Soft margarine (Not butter)
15tbs of Splenda or Canderell
3 Eggs
1tbs Water


Pre-heat oven 170 degrees. Add sweetener and margarine together and mix until smooth. Beat the 3 eggs in separate bowl, then add to the sweetener and margarine, then add the flour and mix all together until completely mixed, then add 1tbs of water into the mix and mix it until smooth. Then simply put the mixture into cupcake cases and cook for 20 minutes... Et Voila !!!

Now for the icing.....!


125g Margarine
12tbs Sweetener

Mix together till smooth, you can add your own colouring or essence(REMEMBER, vanilla has caramel in= sugar!) if you wanted to! Chill for a little while then smooth or pipe on the frosting onto your cupcake !!

Happy eating ;D

Lots of love,

Is it ONLY Day 2..?

Oh, it feels like forever since I have come home, BUT IT IS ONLY DAY 2 ! I was tested for my BG 12 times yesterday -_- my fingers are sore, so I have started to test my self on my arms. My mum and me have been looking at some support groups on Facebook, all of the sites are so supportive and making me feel better knowing that there IS people like me out there fighting this terrible diagnosis!!
We have been looking into the 'Omnipod', a tubeless device that sits on your skin ANYWHERE and injects your insulin for you! The needle goes in as quick as the needle on the BG tester!! How awesome is that? It is water tight, so you can go swimming fro how long you like,in the shower, in the bath, anywhere! It sits comfortably under your clothes and so very discrete! I might look into getting one, depending on how I feel. I have only been on the insulin pens for 2 days, so its a little bit too early to decide at this precise moment.
Have you got any other device that puts your insulin in, for you..? Have you got an insulin pump..? Or are you on straight forward injections..?

Lots of love,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I officially hate easter.

Easter is SUPPOSED to be full of fun, full of happiness and stuffing as much chocolate in you before Easter is over. But this year will be slightly different. This will be the first year I don't get to join in with the fun. I know, it may sound really petty, but actually to me it isn't. I remember Easter as chocolate mania, and that's the fun of Easter I think.
I am being quite strict with my diabetic diet, no sugars, no junk food, no fizzy drinks, but I didn't realise how hard it would be, to grow up as a teen not being about to pig out occasionally on my favourite sweets as a treat on a Friday after a long week at school. I don't know anyone my age that is going through the same feelings as me, and that makes me quite sad and lonely, it feels as if I am the only person going through this tough time.
The one thing I will enjoy the most this Easter, is seeing my little sister, Rosie, have the time of her life, enjoying and savouring every piece of that DEVIL CHOCOLATE !!! :) I know I would ! What about you? Are you fussed about Easter..? Do you have a strict diet, or do you correct your levels by boosting your insulin..? I would love to find out, and to know that other people, just like me are going through the same things as I am, thank you.

Lost of Love,

What to eat and what to drink?

It is so confusing knowing whether you can eat or drink something. Every time I pick something up I have the constant worry of "Has it got sugar in it?" and "How many carbohydrates does it have?". To be honest, I have got pretty fed up with it at the moment. Today is one of those days where I completely don't have a clue what to do anymore!
It is so hard at the point of day where I need to eat, as I have to have the right about of this and the right about of that!!
I know I need to listen to what I need to do, but it is so CONFUSING!!! I can't seem to get my head round the whole 'Diabetes' situation. Maybe I'm over reacting... do you every stress or worry about what your eating and how to control your diet? I know I do!

Lots of love,

Day 1: Back at home

I couldn't wait to get home from the hospital, the hospital made me so much better, but I really couldn't wait to see my dad, sister and dog. Mum stayed at the hospital for the whole time I was there, she was exhausted, bless her!

Back at home I feel much better, my routine has changed compared to the hospitals one but we are getting used to the change :)

I'm so much happier and much more healthier than I was before, and it feels GREAT! I have made progress with my weight too, I put on 5lbs! Now my weight is currently 7st 10lbs compared to 7st 5lbs 10 days ago!!

Do you have any weight issues..? If so, I'd love to hear about it :D

Lots of love,

OhMyDays.....look at that needle!!!

Needles play a MASSIVE part in a diabetic life, for any age, and any gender. To be honest, at first I was TERRIFIED of needles. I am the biggest wimp ever. But knowing everytime I was being injected it was making me better and better, slowly but surely!
I am on 4 injections a day 1 before every meal "Apidra" and an extra one at my evening meal "Lantus" and they are both human insulins. I still don't like the thought of needles, as I haven't brought my self to actually inject myself yet, (I know, what a wimp!) but I'm bringing myself to actually look at the needle, which is a massive improvment. Are you scared of the injections? Don't be. They aren't a big deal and they make you better and better. If you are worried about needles, write a little note bellow and we can chat about them.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hi, my name is Jasmin and I have Type1 diabetes.

I'm Jasmin but you can call me Jaz. This is a page for people that have type1 diabetes, this mainly aimed at people arround my age 10-15 but anyone can read it just so they know what it is like to have diabetes day to day. Yes, diabetes is daunting but it gets easier. I was diagnosed with type1 diabetes on the 29th of March 2012, so just a few days ago I was so shocked and so scared at first but as I went along it was starting to get easier. I was admitted to hospital a day after on the 30th of March 2012. I was critically ill and we didn't realise how ill I actually was. I was dehydrated, my sugars were through the roof and I had lost 3 kilos since September 2011, which really wasn't good! Everyone is panicking around me and I feel as if it is all my fault, but the best thing to do is talk it out with someone your close to. It doesn't have to be a family member, it could be your friends at school, a teacher, your nurse, anyone. This is what this page is for as well, if you ever need to discuss something or what to ask me to write about and I will do ;) This is still a learning experience for me too, so bear with me :D Hahah x

Lots of Love,