Monday, April 29, 2013


All I can say is WOW.

Thank you guys :'D You have no idea how much this means to me :3 Gah.. I just had a look at the blog to find it had made 16,000 views! I just said to my mum "How did I get this many views?!" and we both just said "I don't know.." hahah! Its a great feeling knowing that you guys are bothering to visit my blog and read my posts. It means so much to me. It really does!

My reaction.

Chat soon :)!
Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Sunday, April 28, 2013

ITS OVER !!!!!!!

Heyy there :)

MY SPANISH GCSE's ARE OVERRR :'D So happy!! Now to relax and be a normal teenager again! normal as I can be, people that know me will understand that I'm not normal at all ;D

But yeaa..anyways :) How are you? I haven't had much response in how you guys are getting on with your diabetes. I just kinda waffle about everything and anything, but I'm interested in how you guys are !

I'm gonna end this post off now..keep the comments and the emails coming in.

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is it Friday yet?!

Happy Friday everyone! 

Oh wait..what? Its only Wednesday?? . _ . greaaat...

Hiya guys,

Not having such a great week, this week seems to be dragging and I reeallly don't like it when it does that. I've had two English year 9 SATs exams (which aren't fun at all!!) I have my last GCSE writing exam tomorrow, then on Friday I have a Science year 9 triple science exam o_o what is it with my school and exams!? I hate them .. they should be band ;D 

What I feel like at the moment.
My levels have been semi normal with exams. But my levels have been quite high recently (not due to exams), and I think that when I have my next Hba1c in May, my A1c will be higher than last time (5.5%) but my A1c needs to come up more to prove to my consultant that I AM TYPE ONE DIABETIC.. seeing as he thinks that I have "Probable Type One" .. I don't like him o_o

Talk to you later guys.
Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woooooo! *Air Punch*

Heeeeeeeey :D

I'm in a happy mood, as you can tell by the title of this post! ;D Ok, I'm happy for 2 reasons;

1) My blog reached 15,000+ views :'D ! I'm so prouddd :3 I just wanna say thank YOU all for reading my blog, and commenting on posts and following me all the way since the beginning. I love the fact that I have people who enjoy reading my blog and that they can relate to it. I started this blog up to help everyone and anyone out there who has Type One. I know how much I needed support and to know that I wasn't alone when I was first diagnosed, so I thought I'd make this blog for people who feel or felt the exact same way :')

2) Alssoooo, I completed more 2nd Speaking GCSE Spanish exam today :) *I'm doing my Spanish GCSE 2 years early. For the people that don't know, I lived in Spain for 8 years* My bloods were surprisingly well behaved! At the end of the exam I managed to get a B! *Happy Dance* I have two more exams to do O_O but after that I'm FINISHEEDDD!! So glad for these to be finally over :') ! But obviously there not /completely\  finished because I have my GCSE's in Year 10 and 11.. but for now anyways :)

Talk to you later bro's :o)

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We have a plan...

Hiya guys!!

Ok, so as you know I'm on a the Type One Teens site on Facebook  and a few of use have decided that we're going to try and raise enough money, or convince someone (hopefully a celeb) to sponsor us to raise money for an advert about Type One awareness on the TV. We know how much money it costs to have a TV advert so that's why its so important to raise money.

Also we were thinking of making posters (A3 size) to put up in hospitals, doctors surgery's and places like that on Type One, what it is and blahh blahh blahhh ;D So.. if you wanna design a template and send them over to my email address ( and we'll decide which one to use, or use some of your ideas.

Also!! I was watching 'This Morning" today..and I was wondering, wouldn't it be a cool idea if my mum and I were to go onto the show and talk about Type One?? I thought it would be a great idea because Phillip Schofield's brother has Type One!!! So I'm sure that Itv will let us go on, and talk about it :)

So that's my adventurous plan to organise :)

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I can't I found some diabetic related gifs. Enjoy ;D

This is so me when I'm low ;D 

After over compensating on a low...

When mum asks me why my sugars are high and I'm like...

What I feel like on a bad day..

When I get a great Hba1c :D hahahahah

What I act like when I'm low :P 

I laughed so hard at this pic !! After I've raided the fridge..

Pahahhaha! After having a blood test.

When I inject for a high carb meal and someone nicks some of my food...

After having a rant at someone for getting diabetic facts wrong ;D *Wink wink* Ellie and Lois !

When a non diabetic gives me advice..

I hope I made you laugh :) 

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Exciting stuff...

Helloooo (:

So last September I went up to London to meet up with a researching company called T1D Stars who were researching into their new injection pen. It was a really cool experience, they videoed me having a look at their products. I then went into another room and was interviewed and asked all different questions to do with Type One, how it affects me and my life. It was a really cool thing to do, and I recommend it :D

My mum got an email this morning saying that the research company had looked at my interview and said that they liked it and that they would like to interview me again to be on their website ;D *GO JAZ!* So that's pretty awesome that they liked my interview..and I get to chat to them again :)

Have you guys ever done any interviews for research companies? If you have then wickeeedd ;D hahah ! x

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

Friday, April 5, 2013


Soo I've been on a sorta no carb diet for 3 days now and its going good..I've been having less carbs *So no high content carbs like bread and all that stuff* and having more fruit, yogurts and all that healthy crap.. ;D And I've lost 2lbs so far so I'm quite proud of my self :P 
It feels quite cool not doing as many injections .. but obviously I still inject for stuff like fruit and stuff but only small amounts. But the thing this is .. I keep going low? Like today..I woke up on 6.4 I had these banana small pancakey things with strawberries 4units..then at Lunch I was 5.5 so I had an orange and a vanilla yogurt 2.5units. I tested again in about an hour and I went low :S 
 I couldn't work out why.I just put it down to not having any sustainable carbs. What happens with you guys when you diet..? I'd like to know because this is the first time I've tried dieting whilst being diabetic x Sorry for writing an essay -.- Hahah xx
Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I've fell in love with gifs ;D Have a look...

 I was reading a girls Tumblr site today, and saw moving images.. I've seen them before as I have twenty millliiooon Justin Bieber gifs on my phone :P So I kinda love these moving pictures.. here's just a couple but :P Make sure you read the captions!

As you guys probably already know, Nick Jonas has Type One diabetes and I found this gif and I thought it was quite cool :3

This is what I feel like when I'm low ;D .. EAT ALL THE FOODD :P pahahha!!

This is what I feel like when my levels are high -.- literally...

So yeaa :') Just thought I would share that with you guys :D If you have any diabetic related gifs with captions feel free to comment them below or email them to me and I'll put them on the site; xx

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 ! x