Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, Exams are officially over!! :o)

Well, it has been an eventful week with exams this week.. let me explain.
I didn't have any hypos during exam week.. only highs!! During the exams I went as high as 14.5 !! I couldn't believe it... but once I had came out of the exams, I was dropping, and fast! When I came out of my final exam on Friday I was 6.5 and I felt as if I was 3.5.. as I had dropped so suddenly from 13. At least I now know that in exams I don't go low, I go high, very high! To be honest I thought I was going to be having hypos throughout the week, but I was obviously wrong. What are your experiences with Exams and you levels? Everyone I have spoke to, have said that they have had hypos, but never highs... is it just me that goes high during Exams???

Would love to hear back from you,

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  1. in general stress sends me low, stress normally sends people high but im like you in exams high whilst there happening low afterwards diabetes never likes to be the same! i felt awful yesterday i was being a patient for a doctors exam i dropped from 21.5 (lovely dawn phenomena there) to 7.5 in two hours had proper hypo symptoms full on panicked all the drs. the worse one ever had was from HI (33 +) to 5 within 2 hours i was nearly passing out. well done btw youre keeping very good control :) :) :)