Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hba1c ..hmmm

Hey there!!

So on Wednesday I went to my 3rd Hba1c in the Uk, and I was sorta happy with it :) My past A1c's have been 5.7%, 5.5% .. and this time it was 6.2% ! I was still happy with the results because 6.2 is still a great A1c :) but I guess I was sorta peed because it had gone up, but not that much :D !! At least I have a reason for my A1c's to be higher, as my levels have been unusually high for the last 3 my goal is to maybe have less highs over these 3 months, and when I see the Nurses and Consultant again in August, hopefully they will be more happier with my BG levels :3 !

Loads of lurrrveeee,
The Ginger T1 x


  1. Jazzy, 6.2 is an absolutely amazing a1c. I wish my hba1c was as low as yours. Keep up the great work Jazz, you're doing brilliantly c:

    1. Awrhh :3 Thankyou Ellie!! Yea it is :') I think I'm just beating myself up about it too much because I've been in the 5's .. but I'm still over the moon with my result considering what my levels have been like. & thankyouuu :D xxx