Friday, May 11, 2012

Hmmmmmm.... Hypo!

Good afternoon :) Got sent home after my second lesson at school because I went into a hypo, 4.4 not particularly low but made me go into shock... Went all shaky and my friend Moriah got hold of my hand and said " Jaz your freezing!!" and I was, I was as cold as ice! After recovering (sort of) from the hypo, I called mum and asked her what I should do, so she's said that I should come home. Feel exhausted, and really drained now. It knocks all of the energy out of me, I don't like it. I know it's probably not just me that feels like poo every time I have a hypo but still, it sucks. My class are amazing though, as soon as I tested my self and I said I was low they all were like GET THE TEACHER! So the teacher did the whole, what are your levels, how do you feel, have you eaten anything, when did you not feel right. So, I had my emergency hypo kit with my orange juice, jelly bean, jelly babies, skittles, biscuits. So of course I headed straight for my juice first then for the jelly beans :o) ! Every one was like " how come Jasmin gets sweets during class and we don't?" they all were like I WANT DIABETES TOO, and I thought trust me, your really don't want it!!! I'm glad that my class fully understand the dangers of having diabetes other wise, that's a huge health risk for me. B they all wished me better as I went home, and now I'm just chillaxing!! Have you guys ever had a hypo and school? Whats happened, and how have your mates reacted to it??? Lots of love, Jaz


  1. oh im renowned for my hypos lol two of my most memorable was a 1.3 in year 1 i was too young to understand hypo symptoms so my headteacher went hannah you ok and i collapsed at his feet he had to carry me through the dining hall. the other was in year 10 so i was about 15 and i was dehydrated and it was a boiling hot day and my sugars dropped really really quickly so i didnt get any symptoms till i passed out was out for about 25 minutes.

    all my friends are used to them now (i have a lot due to stress) and know i can take care of myself and that if i need them ill ask for help my new friends when i moved to college were a bit worried at first but know now im ok at dealing with it :) but i can imagine how scary they can be if youre not used to them

    1. Tank you for writing :)
      Yeah, it was quite scary.. and it was the first one at school. Mum said I was stressed because I had 2 exams later on that day and that I was getting anxious.. but there is a load of other reasons too. I'm sure as I grow up with it I'll be able to control them and get out of hypo's more quicker, but for the time being I just have to learn! How are your levels when you have to do exams??

      Jaz :D

  2. very low, had over 150 hypos in 5 months last exam period and had to reduce my basal by 2/3 . you have to learn your own reaction to different situations i go low with stuff like that most people go high (about 10-15% go low). i noticed in a previous post you said it was time of the month most people go high the week before and lows for a few days after they start just something to think about :) i tend to have skip my insulin for some meals at that time cause i have lows for the 2 weeks rather than 1 week high and 1 week low.

    with exams i tend to test before during and after exams, as well as having lucozade on me (i find for me that works the fastest)and having a carb heavy meal before hand and only do half my normal amount of insulin i'd rather be slightly high though you can get special consideration if you have hypos during the exam :)