Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to England!

Hello my amazing followers!
I have to admit I have not wrote on here for a VERY ling time. The reason is because I have relocated back to the UK because of my diabetes. The health care over here is absolutely AMAZING! I have 3 diabetic specialists, a therapist, a GP! A hospital that is only a car drive away, people I can talk to, camps I can visit! The help over here is just outstanding, and without all of those nurses and doctors that train long and hard to be the best that they can to help, I applaud them!

  • I have met up with people already that have the same as me!
  • I am doing Paintballing on the 12th of August this year for Chilbetes which is a charity for T1's
  • I am having home visits from nurses every other week
  • Mum is going on the Daphne carb counting course
  • I am having my HbA1c test on the 29th of August
  • I am having my annual bloods on (roughly) 29th/30th of March 2013
  • I have a team at my new school that deals with my diabetes,injections and all that stuff!
So I am absolutely LOVING the Uk, (except the weather!) but I couldn't ask for any better help !!

Loads of Love,
T1 Jaz <3


  1. This is gonna sound really strange but is one of your drs Chinese quite short and bald? :') and glad to hear youre meeting other type ones it's a great experience. Wish we had something like chilbetes where I live

  2. Heya :)
    Erm, my one isn't.. mine is called Dr.Gardener, but there is a chinese sort of guy called Dr.Tan that is just down the road from me as well, but he thinks everything is cancer :/ long story!! Yeah its great just to be able to speak to someone that understands!! Where abouts are you based in UK ? xx


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