Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello guys.. I'm back!!

Hello :)
I haven't written my blog since August last year, I'm not sure why I stopped but I'm back now. I have SO much to tell you guys!! This is going to be LONG, so be prepared for an essay...

October 2012 :

I had a hard time in October as my levels were very erratic and ranging between 4-16.6 .. (16.6 was the highest I had been since dx at that time) We couldn't understand why I was being so high and then all of a sudden dropping low.. there was no explanation. We had been doing everything right, not skipping injections, carb counting properly, doing my night-time injection (Lantus) it just DIDN'T add up at all!! It was really starting to get on my nerves as I couldn't understand. When you try so hard at something and you think you've done everything right, and it STILL goes wrong, it really knocks your confidence.

November 2012 :

Last November was a nightmare. It was most possibly the worst time since dx, it started off with my levels still continuing to be super high, we were really worried as for the past month my levels would not settle and it continued. A couple of weeks into November I started to realise that I had sore patched come up on my bra line, my sides by my ribs, on my hip and on my stomach, they started to pop up everywhere.. and they weren't particularly small. We went to the doctors as they started to worry my mum. After being to the doctors I was told I had  Pityriasis Rosea also known as Pityriasis Rosea Gibert) This is basically a skin rash which starts with a "herald patch" which is like the "host" of the problem and then it spreads from there. THIS was the cause of my high levels! We had finally got an answer..but that still didn't solve the problem of my Pityriasis Rosea (it sounds so pretty!!) So its a virus that's running through my system. We won't know when it is fully out of my system. The doctor said it will take about 2-4 months to clear we'll just have to wait!!

PS: November 21st we had found another explanation to my high bloods, and dayuumm was it a big problem! My Lantus cartridge had cracked and when I was doing my night time injection, the full amount wasn't being injected, it was leaking.
<< I don't know if you can see the crack, but its soooo small, its the most smallest hairline crack ever! We had only noticed it because we had to change my cartridge. The smallest things like that make such a huge difference! We couldn't believe that that was the main thing that had caused my highs.. along side with my Pityriasis Rosea.

PPS: On November 28th I had my blood test!! YES..I screamed, AND cried, but they got the blood out of me, and I couldn't feel it! Not saying I'm going to be skipping into the clinic for my annual bloods though...  O_o

6th December 2012 :

It was my 14th Birthday :D I woke up on a lovely level of 5.9 !! As my birthday present my mum booked a flight for my best friend, Shannon, to come over for 5 Days for my birthday :) I was soooooo happy!!! It has to be the BEST birthday so far. When mum asked me what I would like for my birthday meal, she was expecting me to say "Oohh, filet steak please!!" but no.. for people that know me, I'm a KFC girl ;) so for my birthday meal we had a KFC bargain bucket :3 and boooooyy was it nice :D !! My levels were surprisingly well behaved. I was obviously still dealing with my Pityriasis Rosea at the time, but my levels had been controlled by then.

10th December 2012 :

Do any of you remember the Norovirus?? Aahh, well if you do, or you went through'll know exactly what I'm going on about...
After the horrible case of Pityriasis Rosea, the Lantus cartridge being broken, I thought that was the worst I could go through, but I was most definitely wrong. I became really ill, and it came to light I had the Norovirus. It was the day that Shannon was going home, so I wanted to have the last few hours with her before she went, but it didn't quite exactly go to plan. I woke up feeling quite sick, I managed to make my way down the stairs to my mums room and I felt faint ( the same feeling I felt before I was dx, which scared the living day lights out of me) I said to me that I didn't feel right, that I felt like I wanted to be sick and pass out. Mum got me to lay down on the bed and she knew I wasn't joking about how I felt. She got my water and top my pj top off so I was cool, but I still didn't feel any better. After about half an hour, I still felt the same but I knew I had to try and get up because I had to take Shannon to the airport. After struggling to get up the stairs to my room, I sort of lied down on the bed not being able to move my head of the pillow. Once I'd finally managed to get myself dressed and out of the house, we took Shan to the airport. It was around about lunch time, but I still didn't feel hungry. So my mum and sister, Rosie, went to maccy dee's and the smell and sight of food was making me want to throw up. Once we had finally got home I lied down on the sofa, and after trying to eat I couldn't, so I had some orange juice with insulin... and soon afterwards I threw it all back up. So obviously, I have nothing left in my stomach for the insulin to eat at, so I hypoed. I then started to get starvation ketones, and they went up to 0.3, and my temp went up to 38.6 :(... It was the most horrible feeling I have ever felt, it really was.

<< My dog Bumble (she's a bichon maltese) didn't leave my side whilst I was ill. She is truly the most amazing dog I could ever wish for!!

20th December 2012 :

Worst hypo so far, * drum-roll please* ............................... 2.8 !!!! -.-

Christmas 2012 :

I can happily say that our first Christmas with this bloody thing has been a SUCCESS!!! Levels were well controlled, a few bumbs but they were mainly good ! (doesn't help with the odd sneaky choc here and there... shhh ;) ! ) It just shows you that NOTHING will ever stop me, and if something tries to.. I'll show it who's boss B] x

January 2013 :

Here's to a brand new start!!!! *happy dance* Last year was the hardest year ever, not just for me..but for my whole family.

- We moved countries
- Brand new school
- New friends
- New life
- New jobs
- New hospitals
- New consultants
- New regime

The list could go on, but I'm not going to bore you guys ;) So hopefully this year is going to be even better, and more positive outcomes, not just for my family but for everyone with Type One xx

6th February 2013 :

Ok, so I missed my second HBA1c test because of snow :P Which turned out to be a good thing, because my HBA1c would've been higher because of the Pityriasis Rosea, the crack in the Lantus cartridge, the Norovirus blah blaahh blahhh... so when I went me and mum were nervous because we thought my HBA1c was going to be in the 7's or 8's and we actually did a bet hahah and my sister was the closest... so another drum-roll please.. *drum-roll* .................................... 5.5% !!!!!!!!!!!!! It lowered :D The last HBA1c was 5.7% ! We were completely OVER the moon :'D x

13th February 2013 :

First pancake day since dx went smoothly :'D I managed to have 5 scotch pancakes (god I felt ill!!) but it was totally worth ;) xx

So that was my update over the past 7 months! I'm going to continue to update my progress living with Type One :) So I'll chat to you guys soon x

Loads of Love,
The Ginger Type One x


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    1. Pahahahha Nicki Minaj: "Justin.. Biebertt, you know Imma hit 'em with the ether .. Buns out, weiner, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selena" ;) hahah xx

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  4. Awww hunni I hope you know I'll always be there for you and it was killing me inside seeing you so sick the day I left :( X but you and you're amazing family manage your T1 better than anyone I know (especially including that ignorant girl we met at ur sis's Christmas Fayre :P) and you're the toughest cookie ever for going through all this. So sorry I can't be there to give you all those hugs when you told me you needed them X love you my bestie wombat! <3 P.S. I am a gecko and it has a knob on it! ;)

    1. Hahah aww Shan I wuvv oo <3 x Ik you'll always be there for me, and I'll always be here for you too xx Pahahha, that day was slightly awkward :P x *huuuuuugs* Hahaha :'D x RCG and his minions B] xxxxxx

  5. The minions they are increasing in number! X it's ridiculous! :P X