Monday, June 24, 2013

Today I am not a diabetic!!!!

Hiya people's,

Weird day today with my levels!! Woke up early on 4.1, had two jelly babies. I tried going back to sleep so I tested again 10mins later and I was 4.2! So I went downstairs got two biscuits and waited 10 mins and tested again 5.1 .. So I got in the shower got dressed for school, when it came to breakfast I was 5 ._. So I had some toast (which I don't normally have for brekkie) with-out an injection. 

At school around about half ten we have a break so I tested my self and I was 6.8 had a carb free snack and went to class. At lunch tested 6.4, could be asked to inject so I had a fruit bar (should've been about 2.5units) and thought I'd inject when I get home. 

When I did get home I was 3.9?!! Hahah couldn't believe it! Had no injections all day and levels have been perfect :3 pretty proud hahhahaahah! Had my first injection today at dinner and injected 3units, so I've had 3units today...unbelievable!! Can see why my endo thinks I'm "probable type one"!!! :) 

Does this ever happen to you? Of is it just me :S I must been honeymooning quite strongly!! 

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x


  1. nope i still have days like this after 16 years as a diabetic