Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm a bad blogger.

Hey guys!

So at the beginning of the year...I kind of promised that I would post more frequently, and it's almost the end of March and I haven't updated for you guys, so I'm sorry!

So here's what has happened:

  • In February I went for my Hba1c and it had risen form 6.4 to 7.0 which was quite a rapid increase. My DSN and consultant seemed to think that this rapid increase was due to my pancreas coming out of honeymoon period :( . So they increased my ratios to 1.5u per 10g of carbs and raised my Lantus to 17. At the start my levels kept on dropping low and it felt weird injecting more than I have done before. Now that my body has got used to having lower figures and injecting more, I've found the right balance. I'm having more hypos that I have done previously, but I'm sure that won't be a problem. 

It's no excuse, but I've had GCSE exams and controlled assessments recently so I just haven't had the time to blog, but I will try and make more of an effort! 

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

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