Monday, May 19, 2014

5am Hypos...

Heya guys! 

Don't you always find that hypos come up when they really aren't necessary ?! I've got a long week ahead of me as I have GCSE's to sit and various other things, and a few more hours of sleep on a Monday wouldn't go amiss...but no. 5am and I am currently up eating jelly babies trying to keep my levels up..but they are not doing as they're told ;_; 

Oh least the jelly babies are nice :3 ! 

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

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  1. Love your blog, your such an inspiration
    Ive Tumblr Tagged you
    All you have to do is post the rules, answer the questions that I have sent you through the post on my blog (the link is below), make a new set of 11 questions, tag 11 people and link them to your post and then let them know you've tagged them.

    Just Above the Knees