Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Bad Blogger RETURNS..

Hi guys!

Okay I can explain (sort of) why I haven't been posting..its been a hectic few months. I should probably tell you what I've been up to as well.

  1. GCSE exams - Last time I posted (3 months ago.. sorry!) I was in the middle of my English Literature and Biology GCSE and it was super stressful to say the least. I got my results back during the 6 week holiday and passed both of them, so I am beyond happy. 
  2. Clinic - My Hba1c had lowered from 7.0 to 6.8 !! I was  e x t r e m e l y  happy. My levels had been running a bit too high but I was also having lots of hypos (one week I managed to have about 10 hypos.)  Oh and Clinic informed me that in December I have to have my annual bloods done..I wasn't a happy bunny. But they did make me laugh; they gave me two dates to choose from for my annual bloods.. the 17th of December OR the 24th of December...Christmas Eve?!? You can probably guess which date I took.
  3. Wembley Stadium - It's not diabetes related but hey that is what I got up to during May time :) 
  4. SUMMER - It's been pretty hectic as well. Summer is almost over now :c but during the 6 weeks I met up with friends and went to VFestival with my two best friends. It was literally the highlight of my summer! We all had so much fun and for once diabetes was playing nicely (its about time it started to behave.)
So that is basically what I have been getting up to..and now I shall try and post more, even if it is only once a month..but I am going to aim to post more than that. 

Loads of Love,
The Ginger T1 x

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