Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hiya guys.....

Ok, so as you all know since Monday I have been using the FreeStyle Libre sensor and unfortunately it hasn't been working. It should normally only take 24hrs to calibrate with your body, but this sensor didn't want to cooperate. After so many finger pricks to try and match up the readings, I had enough. My mum phoned up Abbotts and explained what was happening, and they suggested to swipe 5 times on the FreeStyle Libre and to finger test 5 times on my FreeStyle Insulinx,; here were the readings:

FreeStyle Libre

1. 9.0 >                               ( > = meaning changing slowly)
2. 9.0 >
3. 9.0 >
4. 9.0 >
5. 9.0 >

FreeStyle Insulinx
1. 10.8
2. 11.8
3. 11.1
4. 10.8
5. 10.4

As you can see from these results, they were far out. So what we came to the conclusion was that I had a faulty sensor. Trust me to have a faulty sensor!! So, I had to take the sensor off and put a new one on :( I wasn't happy as it took me so much courage to put the first one on, now after only 3 days I had to take it off a insert a new one!! ( The new sensor hurt me more than the first one :( owieee ..) So now Abbotts are sending a new sensor in replacement for the one I lost. Now even before the 24hr mark my levels are closer together than they have been over the past 3 days :) Just swiped my arm and received a 11.7 and then finger tested and received a 11.6 !!!! I'm so happy..!

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

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