Thursday, April 11, 2013

We have a plan...

Hiya guys!!

Ok, so as you know I'm on a the Type One Teens site on Facebook  and a few of use have decided that we're going to try and raise enough money, or convince someone (hopefully a celeb) to sponsor us to raise money for an advert about Type One awareness on the TV. We know how much money it costs to have a TV advert so that's why its so important to raise money.

Also we were thinking of making posters (A3 size) to put up in hospitals, doctors surgery's and places like that on Type One, what it is and blahh blahh blahhh ;D So.. if you wanna design a template and send them over to my email address ( and we'll decide which one to use, or use some of your ideas.

Also!! I was watching 'This Morning" today..and I was wondering, wouldn't it be a cool idea if my mum and I were to go onto the show and talk about Type One?? I thought it would be a great idea because Phillip Schofield's brother has Type One!!! So I'm sure that Itv will let us go on, and talk about it :)

So that's my adventurous plan to organise :)

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x

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