Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I've fell in love with gifs ;D Have a look...

 I was reading a girls Tumblr site today, and saw moving images.. I've seen them before as I have twenty millliiooon Justin Bieber gifs on my phone :P So I kinda love these moving pictures.. here's just a couple but :P Make sure you read the captions!

As you guys probably already know, Nick Jonas has Type One diabetes and I found this gif and I thought it was quite cool :3

This is what I feel like when I'm low ;D .. EAT ALL THE FOODD :P pahahha!!

This is what I feel like when my levels are high -.- literally...

So yeaa :') Just thought I would share that with you guys :D If you have any diabetic related gifs with captions feel free to comment them below or email them to me and I'll put them on the site; jasminannedwards@gmail.com xx

Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 ! x

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