Friday, April 5, 2013


Soo I've been on a sorta no carb diet for 3 days now and its going good..I've been having less carbs *So no high content carbs like bread and all that stuff* and having more fruit, yogurts and all that healthy crap.. ;D And I've lost 2lbs so far so I'm quite proud of my self :P 
It feels quite cool not doing as many injections .. but obviously I still inject for stuff like fruit and stuff but only small amounts. But the thing this is .. I keep going low? Like today..I woke up on 6.4 I had these banana small pancakey things with strawberries 4units..then at Lunch I was 5.5 so I had an orange and a vanilla yogurt 2.5units. I tested again in about an hour and I went low :S 
 I couldn't work out why.I just put it down to not having any sustainable carbs. What happens with you guys when you diet..? I'd like to know because this is the first time I've tried dieting whilst being diabetic x Sorry for writing an essay -.- Hahah xx
Loads of love,
The Ginger T1 x 

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