Friday, April 6, 2012

Have a has no sugar in !

My mum has a cupcake business, and I feel left out when I can't lick the bowl. My mum has used me as an inspiration, and has actually put up my "Diabetic Cupcakes"on her website for people to buy. They are so yummy and they have NO sugar in them what so ever, only sweetener. So, I thought, when you feel upset that your siblings or friends can eat cakes and cupcakes, you can too! So here is the recipe for my Diabetic Cupcakes:

150g Self raising flour
150g Soft margarine (Not butter)
15tbs of Splenda or Canderell
3 Eggs
1tbs Water


Pre-heat oven 170 degrees. Add sweetener and margarine together and mix until smooth. Beat the 3 eggs in separate bowl, then add to the sweetener and margarine, then add the flour and mix all together until completely mixed, then add 1tbs of water into the mix and mix it until smooth. Then simply put the mixture into cupcake cases and cook for 20 minutes... Et Voila !!!

Now for the icing.....!


125g Margarine
12tbs Sweetener

Mix together till smooth, you can add your own colouring or essence(REMEMBER, vanilla has caramel in= sugar!) if you wanted to! Chill for a little while then smooth or pipe on the frosting onto your cupcake !!

Happy eating ;D

Lots of love,


  1. They sound delicious Jaz well done to you and mum for thinking of these - hope you enjoy them darling xx