Friday, April 20, 2012

What a polava!

On Wednesday, we went to the medical centre to get my prescriptions for my Insulin, needles, lancets, test strips and ketones strips. Well, first of all we went to see my Paediatrician Dr. Valencia. She told us what we needed to get and that I might need to be registered at another hospital...(meaning another blood test >.< !) We THEN had to get ANOTHER appointment, just to go next door to see the nurse to give me my insulin and needles but he WOULDN'T give me my lancets, test strips of ketone strips !!!! We have to wait until Tuesday 24th April to see the Diabetic nurse to give me my test strips,lancets and ketone strips! We was supposed to have an appointment with Dr.Valencia at 12.12 but we didn't see her until 1.15 ! Erghh... I hate this country..!!!!

Lots of love,

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