Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life with Lisa.

Let me explain about Lisa:

She is with me most of the time, she likes to take breaks and likes to muck up my life occasionally. Lisa put me in hospital, because she didn't do her job properly. She likes to sit with the others, and make her self look like a part of the team, but really she is a waste of space and only does things, when she feels like it. When times get tough, Lisa packs her suitcase and goes on holiday. Now and then, when she feels guilty she decides to come back to work, and even then she does what she likes. All the other workers have to work twice as hard when she doesn't pull her weight, and puts pressure on the whole team. People similar to Lisa, seem to do a fantastic job in other companies, but in mine I just can't seem to get the staff!! I don't know what to do with Lisa, one day she will make her self redundant, until then I suppose she is still apart of the team.

I take it by now, you guys have figured out Lisa is my pancreas!!

Lots of love,
Jaz :)

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