Thursday, April 5, 2012

OhMyDays.....look at that needle!!!

Needles play a MASSIVE part in a diabetic life, for any age, and any gender. To be honest, at first I was TERRIFIED of needles. I am the biggest wimp ever. But knowing everytime I was being injected it was making me better and better, slowly but surely!
I am on 4 injections a day 1 before every meal "Apidra" and an extra one at my evening meal "Lantus" and they are both human insulins. I still don't like the thought of needles, as I haven't brought my self to actually inject myself yet, (I know, what a wimp!) but I'm bringing myself to actually look at the needle, which is a massive improvment. Are you scared of the injections? Don't be. They aren't a big deal and they make you better and better. If you are worried about needles, write a little note bellow and we can chat about them.

Lots of love,

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