Saturday, April 28, 2012

Insulin vs Pump.

Why am I always so tired.
Why am I always so distressed about my diabetes? I can never work it out. It isn't the end of the world...right? Today, mum and me were discussing about the 'Pump' and 'Insulin', and we decided that I might as well stay on Insulin, as I would still have to inject my self with Lantus before Dinner.

What are your views on Insulin vs Pump?? Do you have a pump or insulin, what are the good and bad things about them, and which one gives you more freedom? I would love to hear from you, as this is what I am going to look into as I want the info to be accurate, and what you guys think of the devices. Thank you.

Lots of love,


  1. the bad things are about pumps is theyre a lot more work and you have a higher risk of going into dka compared to mdi (multiple daily injections)because if the pump breaks or tubing accidentally comes out you've only got a tiny depot of insulin in the fat and you have to be really accurate with the carb counting etc

    the good things are it allows you a much better flexibilty especially with the basal profiles which closely mimic the pancreas' it also allows a more accurate dosing something like 0.1 increments, you only have to do a site change every 3 days.

    you wouldnt have to inject lantus before dinner, you only use the fast acting insulin, its just that is also used to create a basal profile which releases a very very small amount of insulin every few minutes to create your basal then you'd bolus on top of that. which country are you in by the way?

    hope this was slightly helpful :) id also recommend reading type 1 diabetes in children adolescents and young adults by dr ragnar hanas its probably the best and most comprehensive book ive ever read on t1 diabetes :)

    1. I live in Spain :)

      I was just wondering fore the future... I didn't know if it was best to stay on MDI's or go onto the pump with cannula or the Omnipod pump with no cannula. What are you on atm? Are you on the pump or injections, or have you had experiences with both??

      Thank you for writing to me :)

  2. the omnipod has a lot of problems with bg going high on the 3rd day and having to be changed every second day and something else as well. ermm its up to you if it was me i;d wait till i got a bit more experience with carb counting and how to deal with different situations like stress illness birthdays hormones etc but if you dont mind the attachment and are confident with your ability its a good idea although if your swimming a lot you might be best going with aminas as the pump for that is waterproof. i really do think pumps give you a much better flexibility than mdi and can get you in tigher control especially as during the next few years your hormones are gonna go crazy and they'll really affect your sugars

    im on mdi at the moment but going on the pump soon , in july hopefully :) i've had to wait a year and a half for my pump due to different reasons