Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday Evening Meltdown.

First day back at school was on Tuesday, and I was so tired when I got home, 3 hours of homework and I was just emotionally exhausted too. So I broke into tears.. an cried it all out. (By the looks of the poll you guys like to cry it out too!)

I don't understand why I am so tired? There is only one reason really, Lisa. But I wish she would either come and WORK, or go away and NEVER come back again!! She can't make her mind up.

How was your first day back at school when you found out you had a similar problem to mine.. (LISA)??

I would love to hear back from you xx

Lots of love,

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  1. trust me dont wish she'd go away make the most of the honeymoon period it gets a whole load more difficult once it stops completely if you go on my blog you can see my 90 day bg and that was with doing everything right.

    also my first day was my first day of school so id already had it 2 and a bit years by then, i dont suppose i really noticed tbh my mum probably worried a lot but it never bothered me