Friday, April 13, 2012 gotta love them..NOT!

Two days in a row, I have had hypos after my evening meal,(at about 7.30pm) which has been really odd. I have been dropping to 4.0 or 4.5 and feeling ill and unwell. We have emergency sweets and smoothies in the fridge and when I'm low, I can have some(that's my favourite part!) but the part I definitely do not like it the part where I feel really unwell. Everybody's levels are different, some people start having hypos at 3.0 and some people that's have read about have hypos at 6.0!! So not everyone is the same. But everybody is the same when it comes to when you go under that 3.0 it is deadly. Hypos can bring on comas and some times even worse. It is sooo important to keep testing and checking you BGL's, don't feel embarrassed to do them because it is so so SO important! So just remember KEEP CHECKING YOUR BGL's and DON'T EVER FEEL INTIMIDATED BY OTHER PEOPLE,don't let ANYONE bully you :)

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  1. under 3.0 is not deadly, doctors and nurses are really scared of hypos but ive been 1.4 and perfectly fine if a little shaky when im stressed i will regularly see the 2s (yeah thats the fun part instead of going high with all that like most people i go hypo) and in 15 years only passed out from one hypo and i was probably under 1 at that point but i agree with the whole testing thing :) :) i dont feel my hypos and now i catch my hypos in the 3s but i dont actually feel them until the ones

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  2. Hi,
    I have been told by my doctors and grandfather who has type 2 diabetes, that it is deadly in some peoples cases as everyone is different. Because I was diagnosed with DKA , my levels were always in the 22+, so being low isn't normal for my body, so that's probably why I feel it so so much when I do go low to 3.0's. I definitely have been told the 1's are /very/ risky... that's when you definitely need the I said, everyone is different, and we all react in our own unique ways :)


  3. Jaz, you are so right - everyone works at different levels and if you are working at 22+ then for you to drop to 3's is risky. I have a patient who usually works at 5-8 which you know is within normal range but even when she drops to 3 and just below the effect is extremely noticeable and she has to go to hospital from treatment. Keep doing what you're doing, it's always better to be safe then sorry. But having read through all your blogs you seem very mature and sensible. A massive credit to your family. It will get easier, I know someone diagnosed at the age of 4 and 60 years on can tell the professionals more then they can him!! xxx